A chance to attend a London Fashion Week show

Good morning everyone. I am writing to share this amazing competition launched by Goodley PR; one of the most influential and well-respected fashion PR agencies in London, which I happen to work for (although I think I did mention this again before, for those who have missed it, I have recently been appointed as the social media consultant at Goodley PR). I thought I should share this exciting contest, since I know many of you that would be super-happy to have this chance...an opportunity to live the Fashion Week dream.
So, Goodley PR are giving away an exclusive double invitation to a LFW show for AW13 collections this upcoming February.
How you can enter? Easy peasy, just follow the instructions below:

1) Visit Goodley PR on Facebook (Make sure you like the page for your entry to be valid)

2) Leave a comment on the cover photo - HERE, just saying what Fashion means to you. That's it. There are some interesting responses so far; creative and inspiring.
Looking forward to see more more more.
So? What does Fashion mean to you?
Peace and Love