It's ok to have lazy days.

(Photos via Theyallhateus, Snob, frenchvoguettes, wellanddapper)

Well, yes I suppose it is ok. If you go back and press 'older posts', you will see - with photographic proof of course - that those lazy days hit me pretty often. How it all starts..either I bite the bullet at work and come at my beloved crib ONLY lusting for a glass of bubbly and the feet up on the table, or simply - no excuse and explanation needed - those other days that I wake up in the morning and all I want is to de-activate the iphone's email push and put the incoming calls on a silent mode. Those days that (sorry friends, fam and work) I want to speak to nobody, say the four-letter word followed by 'it' (I am pretty sure you know what I am referring to - trying not to be vulgar - ha!) and be by myself and I. You sometimes have it too I reckon?
Those lazy days..all I will end up doing is - of course with losing track of time - reading blogs, browsing (ok maybe a little shopping too) online stores, facebooking, instagramming, hashtaggin' or getting a serious finger paralysation from pinning's spinning.  Ok, I admit, there might be a little consternation that I am an addict? But hell yeah, it deserves it.
Fashion gives me a reason to wake up in the morning.
I thought I should give you some 'treats' today. Tell me, any good? Inspiration du jour sorted?
Have a good day!
Peace and Love