LFW - Day One - What I wore

Photos by Maya Williams

Photo from Company Magazine 

Trousers (similar here) & Sweater - H&M Trend - Beanie & Fur - Vintage | Boots - Stella McCartney | Jewellery - H&M / Monica Vinader / Nomination / Silver Custom-made

Another LFW madness has began yesterday - and even if I have lived this experience a serious bunch of times, each and every season I am having heart-beats. It is the term of the dedicated fashionista I guess right? It is supposed to thrill you, excite you and be the reason you wake up in the morning - FASHION. This is it for me at least. If you follow me on Twitter and Instagram, you are possibly disappointed for my e-absence during the shows yesterday; but a massive internet slowdown left me and thousands of others unable to post. Let me apologize for that. Even late, I am sharing the shows I've been to yesterday, so keep an eye to the post coming up really soon.
Regarding the outfit, I played it monochrome - one of my IT trends for the season. I suggest you try combining black&whites with different patterns - trust me you will wow!
Happy that Company Magazine liked the outfit and shared a tweet round. Now, let me get ready for LFW Day Two. See you later! 
Peace and Love