The ritual

Photos by Adriana Iacovou

My addiction to fashion and all that comes with it goes way back. I have a wee confession to make, which I am pretty sure many of you share? Before the technology freakin-boom and the - can't live without - iphone existence... When in waiting rooms of any kind, I used to read magazines, and when I found an image I loved I would cough loud and tear the page out.
Shop owners, cafe staff, spa and hair-saloon managers etc etc; apologies for those years! It is like this with all 'crimes' I guess. We do confess after time don't we? - ''Mum.. you know, two years ago, I was the one that broke your thousand pounds crystal vase. I am sorry''. Agreed? 
Although I may not be doing it outdoors anymore as I am using my iphone for literally everything that has to do with image, I do admit that I love the traditional way some times. I pride of the well-build mag collection I own (which comes with me to every house I move to) - and some times (very often!) I like going back seeking for inspiration - and yes tear the pages out!
Welcome to my ritual.
Happy Sunday everyone. 
Peace and Love.