At The Box Boutique

Vliager & Vandam bag - here / Doheny Light gold pumps - Ruthie Davis here, Alerlai square toe heels (Voted the sexiest shoe!!) - here / Charlotte Simone racoon fur cuff - here
   Chrissie Morris - Leger sandals - here
 Charlotte Simone racoon fur cuff - here 

Photos by Matthew Zorpas
  Am I flogging a dead horse yet? I just can't stop thinking/talking/shopping shoes god damn it - devil's own. As discerning fashionistas - and I suppose shoe feakin' lunatics - like myself, I hope you will love this post. 
The Box Boutique is one of my fav shoes & accessories boutiques in London. It is not only about the one-of-a-kind dazzling finds you can discover; it is something about the atmosphere - mastering an excellent interior design greatly mix n'matched bringing out the British chic eccentricity along with pop and baroque influences. Striking and posh, yet cozy.
I am always excited to discover new and upcoming designer gems; and the Box Boutique is all about that, trust me. In case you haven't been, you have to go round Maddox Street.
I pay a visit every now and then to see new goodies; catch up with Ruthie Davis, Chrissie Morris, Aperlai, the killer Vlieger & Vandam bags, my newest favourite brand Shourouk and the obsessive Amorir and Anna-Karin Karlsson sunnies....and the list goes on and on.
Today, it was one of those days - and of course I had to slip in a couple of things to share with you. Those black/green/red spiky Chrissie Morris ones - oh my effing god (as Blair Waldorf would say) - there it was, the gasp for air moment. Love at first sight. Gutted I was, the last pair was a size smaller.

That's it for now. Along with a glass of Cassilero del Diablo, I salute you. Here is to more shoes. Ah and bags. And accessories.
Peace and Love