The past few days

What I was wearing today - Vintage golden palazzo pants & fur, Zara button up & clutch , H&M sweater and Acne boots

Serious ring stacking / A casual outfit - Christopher Kane tee, Zara loafers, vintage velvet leggings & NatarGeorgiou coat

Andria's cup ( Written in greek ) /  There is only one Kate in London - Kate Moss on the cover of LOVE magazine.

Details of a recent outfit (here) - wearing Christopher Kane tee, Kirsty Ward necklace and Zoe Jordan bomber jacket

This photo is not that recent, as it was taken a couple of weeks ago, when London was all white - I just #LOVE / I 've said again, I have the best friends in the world:  Frida and dead skulls, gift straight from Mexico (if you have been reading this blog, you must know how much I love Frida Kahlo)

You have probably seen this on the previous outfit post (if not, have a look here) but I can't get enough of these Stella babies. I hope you love seeing them as much as I do.

I did a wardrobe detox recently; thrown and re-discovered. These Sonia Rykel babies got their place to my wardrobe's front row again / Layering

One of the best cocktails I have ever tasted and definitely the best view I have ever seen: at the Paramount bar; 33rd floor of the Centre Point

One of my latest styling projects - An incredible knitwear brand to launch soon / ....took a break from styling others and styled up myself ( sunnies - Kirsty Ward )

Some eye candy to make your day.

Photos taken with my Instagram account

This is what has been happening in my life the past few days ( or maybe weeks since I have cheated and posted a couple of older photos). Although I may not be able to blog every day some times (unfortunately), my Instagram account is always on the move. What I am wearing, where I am going, what I am doing. I would love to have you with me and by me.. find me - @Andriasdose.
Sending you all my love.

Peace and Love
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