Dedicated to the City of Light

Photos by Evelyn Kazantzoglou
Hat - Topshop | Denim pants & Shirt - Zara | Blazer - Vintage | Booties - Acne | Eye clutch - Sunita Mukhi

Due to personal & professional obligations I had to cancel my trip to Paris and Paris Fashion Week at the very last minute. Grumpy and sad I must say. But I am a believer that everything happens for a reason, hoping that what came up and had to stop me will prove beautiful and special.
Having my Instagram & Twitter bursting with Parisian updates from my friends there, helped me stop whining and - allow me to use the term - e-travelled me (what the heck were we doing before the invention of social media I wonder).
So, I decided to dedicate my day to the French.
I met up with my friend Evelyn (yes she is the one with the gorgeous smile) who came from Cyprus for a couple of days. Our randezvous was at Patisserie Valerie for their divine egg royal . We then strolled around Knightsbridge, did some eye-shopping ( I was a good girl I promise), and then to   Laduree for a finger-licking succès praliné. Voila, it felt like I was there (ok not exactly but I fooled myself pretty well).
Paris I love you. Always.
Peace and Love