Golden girl

Fur, Golden blazer & Palazzo pants - Vintage | Shirt - Zara | Booties - Acne | Bag - Vintage Gianni Versace
Photos by Tefkros Christou

What a beautiful sunny day it was. With 'for some people Fashion Week lasts all year' as my fashion mantra and a wake-up full of positive energy, a golden 'suit' with sky-high heels seemed as the perfect Saturday - glam yet comfy - outfit. Although I am sporting a fur, the gold combined with white makes me feel springy...and I believe it is time to welcome it don't you think?
I started my day with a morning meeting and then a wonderful afternoon spent at my friend Tefkros house. What a charming room screaming personality and charisma and how amazing are the photos he shot for me..
One of my newest but beloved friends. 
Thank you for an amazing day Tef.
Peace and Love