Black & White + Holographic + Bright Orange

I had a major closet detoxing the other day and I was happy to dig out these bright orange Zara heels I picked up a couple of seasons ago. I don't think I wore them much when I firstly bought them... but as I rarely throw any shoes away, they found their way back to my feet. My shoes and I or me and my shoes share a very intimate bond you see. That's probably why I own more than 300 pairs I guess?
I am loving orange much this season and it defo gives a happy twist to my monochromatic attire! Check out these lovely Zara ones which have a lovely price tag as well.

Photos by Matthew Zorpas

Wearing: Black & White pants - Asos | Tee - Topshop | Blazer - Zara (Now in Stores) | Heels - Zara (old) | Holographic Clutch - H&M Trend (here)