I am not the nail art kind of girl and I am usually having my nails painted in basic colours with black, white, burgundy, nude and red winning the game. These nail wraps or nail foils though are super - genius. You have to know that I am the worst in doing my own nails. They look more like a bad-made painting or like a kid's fingers dipped in water-colours. Okay I may be over-reacting but I promise I can't do it. Impatient, shaky hands etc etc. Useless and proud. Until I used these stickers; a life (and nail) saver. They have been around for long time but if you are a newbie like myself, you should know that it is an easy peasy job! You just rub them to get them warm, stick them and trim to adjust them to your nails' shape. A friend got these for me from Primark for a £1 but just google nail wraps or nail foils and you will get loads of results. 
I am thinking that a good idea would be to firstly paint the nails white and then apply the stickers on top. What do you guys think? 
Peace and Love