On dining and reviewing DSTRKT London

After a couple of days of not being able to post, trying to catch - up with every thing London due to absence in Germany, I am coming back super - thrilled to share my first restaurant review.
While nothing could ever antagonist my love for clothes and shoes, I admit that I love a good dining, wining & cocktailing. At the end of the day, what’s the point of owning these fabulous attires if we are not wearing them to somewhere equally exceptional?

I was delighted to receive the email from the lovely Sibel, inviting me to try the new Spring menu at DSTRKT London. Regarding the space itself, the restaurant is arranged over two levels, the bar is adorned with beautiful flowers and there are colourful lightbulbs changing shades that titivate the ceiling. It feels modern, vibrant and superbly luxurious.

As for the service, well, OMG, I don’t think I’ve ever experienced anything comparable to this until now. 
From the moment we got there, my friend Tefkros and I, we were treated and spoiled with full attention. I definitely felt like a princess! Tef himself, a fine dining enthousiast with food and wine expertise. What better company could I have had? His extremely pleasant personality added extra points to my delightful evening.
We started with a fruity white to accompany the fish dishes. Gladly, the restaurant manager along with his waiters gave us a proper tutorial with all the food descriptions. 
We've tasted the salad with the baby radishes and blue-cheese sphere, some tongue - smashing native oysters with lime and a yellow fin tuna with soya air and avocado sauce - one of my favorite dishes. The octopus carpaccio with the shetland mussels, the gelee and the fresh English peas was to die for. Worth mentioning was the scrumptious warm asparagus salad with black truffle and the creamy yogurt emulsion. Also, the potato salad with red crab and british peppers. Then, it was the cornwall river wild sea trout with the celeriac puree and the dorset watercress..
Jesus, finger-licking much?
We were then served to a clean red and opted for the sublime meat-based main dishes; the blueberry barbecue sauced pork belly and the Spring lamb pancetta with fava beans and white beans puree. To be honest with you, I am not a fan of lamb... in fact I normally hate it. I kindly asked the waiter not to serve me with any but he insisted I'd tried at least a bite, promising that I would not be able to even smell lamb. And I did. And he was so right! The dish was amazing. All I could taste was an extremely soft meat which I could not distinguish its origin. The fava beans sauce was divine and it was the one that overtook the flavours. 
As with good cocktail barmen I guess, it is the same with chefs...when they present a dish with all its ingredients so greatly blended that you don't even identify what you are tasting.

Then, my favorite moment. My weakness. My indulgence. THE DESSERT! If you know me and follow me (especially on Instagram), then you know that I love a good dessert. And DSTRKT definitely delivered.
The tantalising elderflower and prosecco sorbet was a highlight for me. Moreover, the angel cake, with roasted nectarines and walnut praline, accompanied with ice-cream and espresso martinis. Lastly, the pistaccio panacota. Heaven!

At the end of the night, I admit, I was feeling sinful. But it was one of the best sins I have ever committed. 
It was all so damn good - DSTRKT London definitely gets my two thumbs up! It is a place I am absolutely recommending and a place I will definitely visit again. From the space, the atmosphere, to the menu and the service.
10 out of 10 from me DSTRKT!
Big kiss.
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