Distressed denim + aztec + glitter

Photos by Oriana

Green jumper & Aztec bag -


| Distressed shorts -

Levis customised

| Heels -

Zara (Old)

How many times am I going to talk about weather and get away with it before you politely tell me to shut the f**k(ooops sorry about the F word) up?

I promise it is the last time. I am just trying to give an excuse on why you are looking at two different looks in one post. The art of layering once again..

It is that kind of 'in - between' weather that could be hot and turn cold in the day and because I want to have my a** covered, I went out pretty prepared today. The sun was shining; maybe one of the hottest days of the year to date. I even got a line from tanning  - something like a zebra in a light from as if I was wearing the distressed jeans -  while having my coffee at the French cafe La Bouche up at London Fields. 

Now lets talk style. One could wonder, how the heck I combined distressed denim, an aztec bag and strappy glitter-ish sandals? Emm.. voila. It doesn't look bad to me, what do you guys think?

The denim on denim is an old - time classic I have in my outfit choices pretty often and due to the fact that both pieces are distressed to the bone, I had to merchandise with some killer yet chic and feminine heels to update the look. I would love to hear your thoughts on this. 

Lets all Londoners pray for this weather to stay put!