Fashion versus Art

Blazer & Bag - Zara | Shirt - Vintage | Jeans - Levis customised | Shoes - Richard Braqo via GoodleyPR (available here)

Oh I am in love. I am very much in love. I declare unconventional honest - long lasting to be - love to mr. Richard Braqo - the great talent behind these shoes that one can indisputably call a creation of art. 
And ladies, I must say I am very much impressed because RB love feet; although killer stilettos, yet extremely easy to walk on.  And yes this is Richard Braqo's first footwear collection. Seductive, sexy and with severe attention to detail. Certainly ONE TO WATCH. The greatest articulation of luxury, an instant sultry appeal for my simplistic denim - shirt outfit! Love them? Find them HERE.