New in: Hardware store equipment

I'm a devotee of making the disposable undisposable - discovering, changing, customising. So when I first entered a hardware store 2 years ago my imagination felt a tingle of fascination. I knew it was time to play. My first experience was when I discovered the metal 'necklace and rings' seen on the left of the first photo. I think it was in the plumbing section. I saw them and they saw me; screaming 'A MUST HAVE'. Since then, these stores have become my ultimate destination for the next screw, hinge or tube that will make the perfect piece of jewellery. 
I bought six new pieces the other day (photo 2) for less than a fiver.  Not bad right? Have a look at your local hardware store and you will surely find a gem. 
Have you guys spotted any good stores around London that I should know of? 
Big kiss.