A short story about hair

Once upon a time I decided to dye my hair blonde. And I mean BLONDE. This was way back, before this blog had even been created. As a dark brown haired I had to do the bleach procedure a couple of times before the wow result. I did the first one at my hairstylist since elementary school that never ever lets me down and always run to for mega-changes like that. All good, all brill, I was happy with my new self. So happy that I was enjoying the blonde anecdotes my friends started hassling me with. Then the second time, due to the fact that I was abroad, the ritual had to be done wherever. I asked around and went to that one that was supposed to be the best (best my a** - excusez moi for the expression but it was bad. Too bad.). The wannabe experienced stylist decided that he had to bleach the edges 3 times that day. Can you believe it? Three bloody times in one go? I left there looking like someone had just died. Wasn't there? My long beautiful healthy hair had transformed to the cheapest broom. I had to do something. After a while, I went back to my natural, cut them shorter and started trying all sorts of products promising this and that in order to grow them back. I tried loads. It took a while. But then I met Orofluido - something like a hair fairy for me. It can be applied both on damp and dry hair; protects, silkens, rejuvenates and shines. This is my third bottle (it takes ages to finish) and it is definitely what I call value for money. I always feel I am putting something like a caviar on my hair with the only difference that this genius masterpiece only costs  £22 for 100ml. 
I recommend you try it asap - I promise you are missing out. Oh and did I mention that it smells yummy yummy?