Ph - Joanna MoyseosEverything available at FLASHBACK [Nicosia - Cyprus]

In every city we go, there are always those places that hold a special place in our heart. Either it is favourite shops, cafes or bars, restaurants and beautiful landscapes, it is those spots that translate into emotions, get tucked in our luggage, travel with us and force us to run back to when we stop by that city again. When in Cyprus and when talking about shops it has to be Flashback. 
A free and easy Wednesday morning. And I went to Flashback. I met the beautiful owner Joanna. She was wearing a floor-length printed yellow/white dress embroidered with lace, styled with flat lace-up sandals and gold sleek jewellery. Beautiful, stylish and sweet. If you are in Cyprus, then I am sure you are a Flashback lover and then I am sure you know exactly who I am talking about. Oh, and I am sure you know she is a fellow blogger too? Or if you didn't know.. Yes, Joannalovesfashion! Anyway, with a coffee in her hands and a sweet smile on her lips she welcomed me. We did some chit-chat, had some Americano sips and stepped in. 
The collection was - as always - exquisite (pop the champagne if you are after glam dressing - you've found your temple). Referencing Carrie saying 'Shopping is my cardio' I went sprinting through the new season's items. I started conjuring up the outfits. Some styling,  a little bit of this and a little bit of that. Uhmm.. I got carried away. Voila. These are some of my fave pieces - all found at Flashback right now!
I had to run so yes, if you believe it, I left empty - handed. Shame on me! Oblivion. But my sentimental addiction/obsession/etc subjects me to go back and pick - up my dearest(s) really soon. Oh that straw hat. And oh, that Natalie C beige skirt [photo one] and oh that bomber and oh....Every time I fall in love with something fashion, I find myself saying more OH's than when I am in bed doing other things (the naughty ones)! 
Hope this edit made you smile - as it did me!