Night cravings

Well allright, maybe I am over reacting with the 'nothing else matters' quote (I always had a thing for drama and over-reactiveness) but damn it, I think you will rise your thumb up - shoes do matter the most. Shoes, shoes and again shoes. And these metal babies is what I call shoe porn. An affordable one. Frankly, I am a bit fussy when it comes to flats - and when I do find that one pair that impresses me, I must show my respects. It is the fall wish-list time aka internet is on fire and I am almost seeing the 'add to shopping cart' in my sleep.
I firstly saw them up on this blog (one of my faves) and had an obligatory closer look - find these babies here and here
 I still haven't decided which of the two colours I like the most. And I need your help on this one. Thoughts?