PFW Day 2

Photos taken with Instagram / Iphone
Wearing: Dress - Andreas Georgiou | Tartan shirt - H&M | Boots - Zara | Backpack - Quasimi men

Hello from London town. Back since last night, I am trying to make myself at home again as my 2 month absence made my return feel quiet weird. The rain knocking on my windows this morning made me think it shouldn't be that hard though; London and the basics it is.
Paris was as always amazing and I will bombard you; plenty of updates to follow.
Speaking about this post, it is not exactly PFW but Paris Day 2, as we had kinda ditched the shows for some other activities. You know, the fun ones aka never-ending strolling, shopping, eating and drinking. Anything better to do in Paris than the aforementioned ones? Hm... shall I assume we agree on the no answer?
We (gorgeous Filiomy favourite twins Nef & Nat and yours truly) had done the obligatory Saint-Honore roaming, 'tortured' ourselves in Collette and ended up at Hotel Costes where we met the lovely Christina from Netrobe (thanks for the snaps gorgeous C.) for a glass of chablis, a light lunch and an obsessive finger-licking cheesecake which - yes -  I still think about. Then in the afternoon, I met my dearest NatarGeorgiou (Andreas Georgiou is the one seen above and Dimos Natar is behind the camera) for a rendevouz at the all-time parisian classic Cafe De Flore.
Overall, it was a good one.
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