PFW Day 3

Photos by Natargeorgiou 
Wearing: Dress - Natargeorgiou

Paris Fashion Week and well, every fashion week translates to...dress up. I mean, how can you resist a little glam with all the fashion showgoers street-catwalking a la mode? Referencing Anna and her head to toe Tom Ford outfit, the always chic Centenera, playful Mira, Natasha Goldenberg in her matchy - matchy Stella McCartney and awesome Perminova in her white Chanel chain boots (to-die for!). Have I said enough? Dress up it is.
PFW day 3 and this Natargeorgiou dress; to be honest with you, at first I was wondering if it was a tad too ladylike. But then on the other hand I was in an experimenting mood, a - getting out of my comfort zone- type of thing so ta da.
In a Day Vs Night concept, I added some accessories to tone the look down when worn in the morning. As per the eve, I let it plain - I thought it deserved the 12 points without unnecessary distractions! 
More dress up from PFW coming soon!