2014 first newin

For it to come in well, I had to take measures. And I am talking thigh - high ones.
Ok, I might have felt the need to reprocess an excuse and translate the 'live every day as if it would be the last day of my life' of the last post to new shoes but there is nothing wrong with that is there? If it were to be the last one, I would at least want to be in good shoes.
And I had been looking for a pair of new thigh-highs all over the place. I mean - yes -  they are
everywhere but damn, they all look the same to me. 
And here you go. One can see that endless overnight web-roaming can pay off. Stealing a chunk from the Stella McCartney momentum (sold out everywhere) but still all-the-way sleek with their tight suede upper part - I think I am in love. Might sound strange but I think that they have a gender mix'n'matchess in them, a beautiful ugliness that I like. Oh - and with a tiny fraction of what Stella's traktor tread version cost.
Can't wait for them to arrive but I am pretty sure they will be become my next uni.
Now tell me, which side are you on? Lover of hater?
Well if a lover, you know what to do.. pick up your own HERE.

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