As simple as that

 Ph. by Jake Lewis
Wearing: Knit - Acne | Skirt - Persy | Shoes - HUDSON X Charlie May SS14 | Coat - Vintage | Backpack - Tamzin Lillywhite X P&CO

From times to times, there is that one piece that I get obsessed with, officially becomes part of my 'uniform' and I suddenly can't remember what I used to wear before I had it (can you relate?) - I am referring to this Acne sweater ( shameless Instamaniac - some things never change). So, I irresistibly pair it with everything, raising a glass at its 'all-purpose' usability and give myself a tap in the back for scoring a good bargain (sales baby!). A basic knit is always handy aka you are going to be bored of seeing it.
A. x