Black & White parade

Ph. by  Jake Lewis
Wearing: Top - Zeynep Tosun | Dress - Zara | Leather Jacket - Persy | Boots - Zara | Backpack -Tamzin Lillywhite X PC&Q | Sunnies - Linda Farrow X Alexander Wang

Tic tac, tic tac! Already end of Jan, and I am in need to discuss the - 'looking forward to' - start of the Landan fashion weeking. Slightly irrelevant to this #ootd description but the eager anticipation (never gets old - every season, same story) has gotten me thinking (and talking) only about that. And as everyone does (don't give me the no's, I won't believe you), I've already started to prepare my - day1,2,3, etc - wardrobe. I am thinking kinda to-do free and kinda casual this time.. Elaborating soon... For now, just another layered (b&w) Friday.
A. x