Glorious London

Photo taken with my Iphone by Ida Marie Kloster
London - After 5 years of making myself 'at home' I have started to get the drift of Britons' fashion mentality; tossing heavy coats etc away just with a hello from the dearest sun. Sometimes, streets make you wonder if it is Spring already. Horrendously cold and almost Siberian - yes - (ref to the previous post) but all this graceful sunshine makes you naturally high on Vitamin D, wanting to getup-n-go like there is no tomorrow. Yesterday was one of those days. 'Doin it like the Brits', I opted for a light green layer dressing and bare ankles (we've talked about the rule already) to celebrate the glorious if I may say London under the sun. I went for the Saturday brunch with a dearest friend and we couldn't do anything else but outdoors - it was too overwhelming to resist. Happy Sunday all.
A. x