Ph. by Oriana

Wearing: Jumper - Acne | Trousers - Zeynep Tosun(love these  HERE)|Silk Trenchcoat - Zeynep Tosun (cute alternative HERE)|Shoes - Zeynep Tosun | Leather Jacket - s HERE) |Sunnies - Minkpink |Clutch - Angel Jackson| Neckscarf - Flea Market

This LFW was all about unpredictability. Somewhat typhoon-ish wind and rain was the weather during the whole LFW but there was one day(Sunday) that Gods of Fashion(I still believe Santa exists, ok?) had so gracefully given us the power to rule our own game. And in situations like this, there is only one way to go - LAYERING.
I wanted to wear these blingy slippers for quiet a while - merci L town. But don't let it fool you, my upper part consists of four (there is a hidden one) piled layers to make it up to myself for the rather illusional feet attire. Sun - check. Freezing cold - again - check. My toes know well. Lol. 
P.S. Back to the neck scarf obsession, it feels naked not to wear one lately. 

A. x