Photos: Jake Lewis | Make Up & Hair: Charlotte Kraftman
Wearing everything FENDI: Top & Sweat Pants - Fendi RTW 2014 | Shoes & Coat - Fendi AW13

What you are gazing at is my attempt to shoot at the busiest station of the city during the sweltering London rush hour. While I got the weird, grumpy and scary (1st photo, lady in grey) look from commuters running to their work having to bump into my posing self, I truly enjoyed it (sorry, not sorry). 
Outfit wise; although I feel perfectly comfortable in my high street staples ( latest uniform version: leather pants, a tee and a pair of slides), sometimes I need to throw for a loop and inject a dose of high fashion in my sartorial carte du jour. And Fendi always seems like a perfect fit for the job. Ultra (furry) luxe par excellence on my feet and - just so we keep the sporty sensibility in line - a matchy matchy sweat pant & top combo (no these are not for sweating) that I could live in forever. No really, I mean it. Forever. 
To sum up, I thought I'd add some unabashed extravagance and get things a bit more sleek-y, so I irresistibly topped up my shoulders with this exquisitely crafted coat - it is really impossible not to appreciate the work that goes into these pieces. 
Anyway, it is all about balance, DYT?
A. x

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