Fave place - Fave food (satisfying my demanding stomach) | A few latest favourites and a morning with Suki | casual #fromwhereistand with the original rump-shakers (aka adidas slides) | Some boys mix and matching from a recent project - styling by yours truly

Stella McCartney mesh under-stories and Ancient Greek Initials from Disturbed Jewelry | Chanel trainers I saw in my sleep (no I'm not kidding) | The day I stole this studded Valentino beauty from my gentleman | Binge coffee-ing 

To whom it may concern.. #Valentino | Buckled up in Zara | Chanel backpacks to die-for | Kiss-Kiss Bang-Bang

More from where I stands | I am planning to DIY this marble mac really soon (stay tuned) | Have a break, have a Kit Kat!

If I were a boy... | A little snack before bed | My current favourite bag by Angel Jackson perfectly captured by Vanity Fair at LFW | #ootd

Fendi awesomeness | Rag and Bone knit in my wishlist | Can I wake up with this hair please? (like tomorrow?) / Obsession Session at Natargeorgiou

A few updates from my latest Instadventures - are you there already?
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