Wearing: Bomber Jacket - H&M Men | Shirt & Pants - Zara | Shoes -Zara Studio (here) | Raffia bag - M MISSONI (here)

Howdy ho you all! How do you do?
First things first, I owe you a huge apology for the posting hiatus. Been there, done that in the past again, but I am pretty sure this is a record in my (mac)book. And with a good reason. Promise. ANDRIASDOSE is going under a make-over and it is getting ready for its entrée  in the world wide web with a brand new face. Yep. Almost there. Moët is ready for the pop and I can't wait to show you.  So bear with me - I am switching back on it very soon.  Also, I may need to pin-point that timing was never my strong suit; it surely wasn't the best time for this vanish oxi action as I have apparently been nominated for the BEST FASHION BLOG award in the Marie Claire Greece awards.
A moment?
Outfit talking; black  super-loose fit silk pants + button-up + fave slides from Zara's take on the Birks momentum aka the perfect tot black attire to accompany my raffia's first outing (That's for the official outing. She's been round a few times already.) and a flashy #ootd. My feelings were mixed when she knocked my door as she is a bit different from my usual (bag) likes but hey, you must admit she looks sweet. 
I don't know if it is the blue melange (currently obsessed), or the happy-go-lucky 70s inspired plexi, but there is something about her. She defo gives her spark to a total black or blue jeans/white shirt combo. And just like that, we are best friends in no time. A visit to Instaland might give you a better proof. 
A. x

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