Ph. Ivan
Wearing: Dress - Natargeorgiou (and here) | Boots - H&M | Leather detailed tee - Zara | Sunglasses - Dior 

My tendency for all things sporty and a tad boyish is no secret (hit for a proper establishment). Plus, my usual(if you exclude some bipolar mood swings for colour explosion from times to times) pantone likes go no further than the standard tricolore; black, white, blue (denim basically). Repeat.
Occasionally though, my - buried somewhere deep down - female self craves for that statement dress; glam, shiny metallics and all that jazz.
But as if wearing such a piece for a get-up-n-go in the city would most probably result to getting THE LOOK, I need to play my part and do I what I do best - the art of layering that is. 
In a nutshell, there is only one way to go - DRESS IT DOWN. Booties and a layered tee will do the trick here - et voila, your outfit du jour for a day full of work meetings, coffees, lunch et al. Oh, and if you live in the dog days (other word for - it is so damn hot), a killer mule could work too (my weather app shows 39C [12:35pm] - #ooops).
I just have this - all year round - thing for booties (#andriasdosewants). Remember that what-if rhetorical question and the absolute- no socks rule? Eehh, something like that!
Anyhow, talking about the capital-B Brains behind my dress - what I always like to say: happily ever after, is just a Natargeorgiou piece away.