Valentino final collage 01.jpg
valentino collage 03.jpg
valentino details .jpg

Photography by Harris Kyprianou
Hair by LeLoft
Wearing: Knitted top, velvet skirt and Ballerina boots, all by VALENTINO from Splash by the Beach. 


A fascinating 2016 comes to a close and although I am not one to make NY resolutions, I do appreciate reflections.
Take time to be thankful for what you have.. exciting work that makes you jump off bed in the morning, awesome colleagues that inspire you for the better, strong friendships and family that hold your hand on awesome ups and difficult downs!

And most importantly, don’t forget to thank yourself.
Believe in your own magic. 
Dream and dream deeply.
Embrace change.
Feel positive, sexy, beautiful, confident and wear your greatest smile - inside out.
Eat, drink, dance and play.
Fall in love with your life.. every minute of it! And everything else will then fall into place!

And now, if I may, I would to take this opportunity and talk about you for a change!
I really can’t thank you enough; readers and industry for all the great support.
What an intriguing year this has been; your constructive feedback and encouragement has undoubtedly helped me to grow, expand my vision and explore new creative territories. 
Thank you.
HNY everyone!
2017, I am ready for you. Bring it on. 
A. x