Wearing: White Top - T by Alexander Wang | Suede Top - Bershka | Jeans - MiH | Fur Parka - Flashback (Cyprus) | Shoes - Natargeorgiou (show piece).

Lesbihonest (lol) - if you've been around here for a while, please do bypass the intros but for you rookies, allow me to elaborate a bit on #andriasdose dressing habits. First things first, very rarely do you see me step out in a bright get-up-n'-go attire (proof is in the pudding). And I definitely don't get my e-shopping options narrowed down using the pink or green refining tool. Blacks, whites and greys are my idea of heaven (hashtag sorry not sorry).
But... some (very rare) times, I've got these bipolar dressing tendencies hitting me up and it's like I've got a voice shouting 'put some colour in your bloody life woman'. And when that happens, it sure happens all the way. I am an all or nothing kind of girl. Especially with anything that has to do with clothes. (Ahh.. and carbs. Like you would ever think I could leave half a pizza to go cold - mm..aha, yeah right). 
Anyhow; me and this parka.. love at first sight. Come to mama baby, come to mama!
I mean c'mon, look at it. Can you blame me for getting out of the habituals?
A. x