Ask me ten years ago if run baby run was anywhere on my to-do list. Don't take me wrong, I liked me some sort of training but that mostly consisted of shopping for shoes for 4 hours straight and finger muscle training up on Net-a-porter. 
Buuuut...gone are those hot summer days when I could order triple scoops of ice-cream topping sea-salt french fries just because I could - fluorescent adolescent. Out, are the thoughts that fleeted into my brain, mocking that I would be young forever aka speedy metabolism amongst others. My early twenties was in fact, punctuated with poor choice in food: Mac had me at hello. Damn those fries are good. Anyhow!
One decade after and body cells turn over, metabolism abates, you suddenly think the Olympics could be your next goal.. and your nevers become… well.. forevers?

Maybe it's life's Yin and Yang but now my fridge mostly consists of avocados, fresh greens et al and I own a huge load of trainers.. usually form Nike. Just (makes me) do it. 
Here, Vapormax.. oh Vapormax you have been oh-so-real. Doing the work a lot more fun and easy as it actually feels like walking on air (at least my Aero cravings are compensated *rolling eyes emoji) - anything that contains bubbles and isn't fun anyway?!
Lightweight, revolutionary, knitted (fashion alert), feeling like running on air. Check, check, check and check.


FullSizeRender 9.jpg
FullSizeRender 3.jpg

All good with gymnastics food and all but let's be a real for a minute — this is a fashion blog.. and please do remind me when are we not looking for a pair of photo-worthy pair of shoes?
Needless to say, it feels like these kicks can match anything in my closet.. but first thing's first, you know I love me some co-ordinating action.
All purple everything and... #kissmyAirs!
Sold out globally in no time, Vapormax launches again today with a black / anthracite game changer - and I already see the pairing; 'never have I met a suit I didn't like' or an off-shoulder dress it is.
Shopping card ahoy!