Winding up the week and on the eve of a new month (never really liked February.. something with the energies), I am finding some consolation in this new personalised marble acquisition.
Clearly, I have got a weakness for anything marble (that goes way back before the internet craze ) - trust me I stock up on any bits and bobs whenever something catches my blink. Speaking of which, I am currently eyeing this.. what do you think? In retrospect, besides that and all my other fetishes, I've always had a soft spot for personalised stuff. And plus, I wanted to play dress up with Mac for longer than I remember. So ta da! Not bad right?
I got mine from here! Good thing is that if none of their designs work for you (and they have loads), you can upload your own skin. Lots of font and colour options for personalising too.

Oh and best for last, the guys at CaseApp were so kind to offer 20% discount to all Andriasdose readers - so for anyone interested, just check it out and use DXATTL at checkout to redeem the offer!

So, how was everyone’s week? Mine consisted of a 16 hours sleep in total. Unnecessary information?

A. x

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