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Brown and Black Bordered Prom Ticket (1).png

wearing: Maxmara earrings, striped cardigan and tailored trousers | Maxmara 101801 coat | Sportmax b&w crossbody bag all via Maxima Boutiques

Currently hovering between's Billy Idol's Rebel Yell and Flashdance Maniac on this first working Wednesday of the year.  An attempt to put myself back in order, sipping on a 3rd arpeggio and checking tasks off the list, while simultaneously wondering what activities I need to add to my schedule if I want to ever digest the hundred pounds of sugar in the form of (as we Greeks call them) Kourabiedes, I consumed during Christmas. Well, they worth the trouble. And my belly. Too good et cetera.
As for Billy I.. let's say that if I want to keep myself on the don't grow up it's a trap spirit (aka don't take life too seriously, aka positive vibes only), I must rely on the tunes that kept me bouncing around during those lovely teens. FYI, putting music on is the first thing I do after mechanically hitting on the Nespresso machine. And after wearing all my rings (what's with the face? does it sound weird?)

Now editing new material as I take a first dive into the Spring/Summer stuff with this Maxmara story. And stripes are always a good idea, innit? Especially when they are married and happily every after. It's still January though, so les-bi-honest, we still need the overcoat (P.S. Pitch Perfect 3 is out, anyone watched it?)!
In celebration of MM Coats! expo in Seoul, I thought I'd done a virtual teleportation with the iconic 101801. Feels like I am drinking a 1947's Cheval Blanc. But with clothes. Not a bad way to start the year right?

More exciting things are coming soon.
Work hard, play harder.
A. x