Wearing: Artisan Top + Trousers by Kirei clothing

I never thought of myself as a 'boho girl' - a bit too sweet, too playful; too - dare to say - cute for my likes. As my usual habituals call for the #ifIWereABoy hashtagging, only a one of a kind love at first sight would excuse my sudden head turner. You know - similar to those times you fall in love with a boy who ticks none of your 'standard' boxes. 

Well, my refusal (as several times before) has eaten some never-say-never dust when I had that love at first sight action with this matchy matchy number  from Kirei. 
A 10 out of 10 pour moi; effortlessly featuring the trend but still on the radar of loose, comfy and boyish silhouettes that I so much adore.
Nevertheless, the world wide web is effortlessly trying to brain f** us with the bohemian style-do. Everywhere for S/S16, pompoms and ruffles are the unmistakable go-to for Summer.
Anyhow ladies.. let's move to the main dish!


I have teamed up with Kirei and are giving one lucky reader the chance to take this outfit home.
Procedure is an easy-peasy one and you can enter either via Facebook or Instagram. 

For details on
how to enter on FB click here.
For details on how to enter on Instagram click here.
The competition will last for one week and the winner will be announced next Saturday.

Off to the beach for now. Need to tan that booty. See ya.
Much love,
A. x

1. There will be only one winner out of FB and Instagram entries
* There will be only one winner out of all FB and Instagram photos to be posted in order to communicate the competition