Ciao 2017!


Wearing Maxmara leather coat and shoes via Maxima Boutiques, sunglasses by Mango
ph. Harris Kyprianou

An exciting 2017 comes to a close!
''Feeling/Activity'': Thankful and content. 
Precious creative work to proudly take me forward to 18 and make me jump off bed for 365 more mornings.. awesome colleagues and collaborations. Strong friendships still by my side and a family full of love. What else could I ask for?
A great teacher disguised as 2017; sometimes tough, sometimes, fun, hilarious and happy.
I have learnt that everything happens for a reason; observe, take something out of everything, learn, appreciate and grow. 
So.. folks! take every moment as a lesson and.. hey! don't take it too seriously. 
Whatever it is, c'est la vie. And we only have one! 
Live love, LAUGH. The greatest drug of all. 
Eat a lot, drink a lot, dance and play. 
Dream. Dream deeply. And dream a lot. Even when you are wide awake.
Connect with new people. And be around people with good energy,
 Learn new languages. Travel. Go on adventures.
DO WHAT YOU LOVE. Create. Work and work hard. 
And believe in your own magic. Keyword believe. 

2018, bring it on darling. 
A. x