Photography by Harris Kyprianou / Make - up by Savvas Savva / Hair by Panicos Tsouloupas (Le Loft)
Wearing: Gold mini dress - Natargeorgiou | White t-shirt - T by Alexander Wang | Layered pleated skirt - H&M Trend | Jacket - Levis | Boots - Acne

Shot at one of the most photogenic places this city has to offer, it does indeed smell like art.
Designed by the awesome M.O.B. team and architect Stavros Ioannou; a stunning compositional interior design balance - that copper wall is everything (damn it would look good in my living room), blue marble (for my bathroom!) and neon signs (la la lav!). Minimal furniture for the salt and pepper and here you go.. smells like art.  
And don't even get me started on pizzas. Or that Nutella calzone. Especially at 00:00; my (no-no) usual sugar rush hour (post-it note added on next year's resolutions and before I turn to obesity).
But yet again, if you think about it, food is art right? Let's all repeat to ourselves - we are consuming art. 

And before I get swooned by chocolate and forget that this is a fashion blog, let's talk clothing. 
Copy pasting my own self, I am an all or nothing kind of girl. Especially with anything that has to do with clothes. (.. and carbs. Like you would ever think I could leave half a pizza to go cold - mm..aha, yeah right).  
Currently on the 'all' state of mind - metallics, sequins, jewels, layers. All together. Or on themselves. Moooore. The more the merrier if you ask me. 

A. x

*Special thanks to Rokoko for their hospitality.