Jesus Christ - never have I been so tempted to sell all my possessions in order to buy one single piece. 
Ultra luxe par excellence, this eclectic nerdiness vs lushness haute bedwear collection for the House of Fur (obviously) aka Fendi is wow, just wow. Sophisticated contrasts (masculinity and oversized silhouettes over grandma-meets-girl robe style belts and tight waists) extraordinary materials, playful colour blocking and fantastic attention to detail for Pre-Fall 2016 in a 'feel like home' loung-y style. Gimme gimme!
And if I have to play favourites;  those slippers (worn with socks) have to win! Fur, sheepskin and leather chunky slippers accompanying bath-robe style coats and luxurious boudoir-like embroidered (night) dresses? - an ingenious injection of luxury for street. 
Well, I'll take Mr. Lagerfeld and Mrs. Venturini on the bedroom mood. Consider me in. Major pang of excitement and hashtag #andriasdosewants on the black coat and all the slippers (to be subtle).