Story 01 // The high - lows.
How an everyday dress up by the hands of street style KING aka Virgil, gets an upgrade with capital - T, THE sexifiers.

Men I may not know, but shoes, shoes I know.


Teddy and the bird.
Knit jumper and jacket by OFF WHITE both via Flannels

flannels offwhite skirt new shoes.JPG

Forever high lowing as I can’t really keep myself on either of the two sides of sporty or glamorous - I want it all.
Obsessed with anything Virgil Abloh since his first collection (if you know you know) is now old news in this hood, but what you have to know is that Vacarello won me over too, since his first show under the Eiffel Tower, otherwise known as magic.
Skirt, top and jacket on point - needless to say much, but if you are around for a while I think you might agree - SOOO ME!
And the shoes.. arghhs, hmms and grrsss…I MAKE SHOE CONTACT BEFORE EYE CONTACT.
Call me shallow, but my pair of grey blue eyes always start from the bottom up. It’s not happening consciously, but if you ask my mom, she’ll tell you I am doing it since the age of five. Hands up emoji.
P.S. By the way, I am still contemplating whether I should put them boots on my bookshelf as stoppers just so I can see them everyday all day.
Too much you say?
If something is worth doing, it's worth overdoing, I say.

T-shirt, skirt and jacket by OFF-WHITE | boots by SAINT LAURENT, all via FLANNELS

One of the alter egos in my off-white skirt this time with a show-stopper by Palm Angels. Le vibes.

Track suit top by PALM ANGELS, skirt by OFF-WHITE, both via FLANNELS

fendi roma telephone NEW.JPG

Story 02 // You rang?

fendi roma elevator new.JPG

LOGOMANIA frenzy since last season and everybody had their slice of the pizza.
I like it, but per me, if you’ll go for it, you better take it on the edge - proof is in the pudding.
Again, how much is too much?

Enter FENDI ROMA [applause].

Don’t we look great together? Yeah, we think so too!
Anyhow - errands to run. Life to live.
Yeah in 12cm heels. Why not? (take your eyebrows down please!)
* and if she might need to change the skyscrapers, she will go for these.

fendi roma elevator new 02.JPG
fendi roma elevator 03.JPG
VV garden shot new.JPG

Story 03 // The Challenge: the day I decide that party starts at 3 p.m.
Let’s see, how many places this dress can take you to.. know how to count?
Caipiroska anyone?


Super mini dress with safety pins paired with vinyl sky scrapers - WHO DIS ?
I must say that this year has been full of surprises.. like for example, I found out that I CAN BE A WOMAN TOO.

If I were a boy was forever the core of my dressing habituals (still is, don’t take me wrong) and always had the urge to tone down a sexifier as this one by VV with sneaks or cowboys (still don’t take me wrong)!

Buuuuuut, blame it on the two G Queens (aka Giorgia and Gilda) for bringing sexy back. The Attico is one of my favourite brands at the moment. And it’s basically all THEM.
Gilda could seriously be my alter ego. I can put my head on top of all her looks. The vibe, the mood, the styling. EVERYTHING.

Anyhow, back to my Versus mini (not the car, but it can indeed take you places as fast as that - ha!). I love how I could wear the shoulders drop-down without losing the bodycon fit and I am JUST OBSESSED with the heart décolleté. Boom boom pow!


Dionysus GG velvet bag by GUCCI via FLANNELS

flannels versace.png

Dress by VERSUS VERSACE, heels by SAINT LAURENT both via Flannels

VV Dress Final C edit.JPG

So how many do you have?

A. x

* Special thanks to Anastasia Mouskou for her assistance and overall input in this project