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Created for FLANNELS, I am getting my feet a little wet with S/S 2018 - the weather is not giving me much of a choice anyway.
iPhone currently reads 17 here on the banana island and bare legs have already had their first outing. 


Maximalism is the name of the game for one more season and GUCCI knows it like a season quarterback.

Since Allesandro took over, I am falling hard for GiGi more and more every season... this guy lives in his own planet -
hitting pay dirt, following NO RULES. And of course, I love that.
Innocent and playful whilst being honest.
Love that even more. 
I swear, last season's show almost brought me to tears. 

Anyhow - bed outfit leaves the bedroom (no need for special intros, we are all slaves to anything silk for almost half a decade now), but that isn’t to say, it can't take itself seriously. Quite the contrary - GUCCI always gives ground for the most serious form of  'more is more', my favourite fashun mantra. Work it. 

Alex, I am sure you are digging these vintage GG shades, am I right?

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Second look and still on the bubble gum palette. 
Me, obsessing over (so much) pink. Who knew?



 And who doesn't love Pierpaolo?  

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PARENTAL ADVISORY: explicit content

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When Flannels asked if I would weigh in on how to style a few of their key season pieces, I thought less fashion mumbling, more actual doing info. And by actual, I obviously mean Insta worthy material, or how to interestingly spread the #ootd all day every day.
For that hasn’t been grammed has never been worn, right? You know I am right (smirking face emoji)
I am having a major crush on colour tights at the moment (in case you haven't noticed) - thought the skirt and them are a match made in heaven.
So, I took this gangster look and my almost inadequate brain (because it's only Tuesday and it's still malfunctioning) and we all popped in to Miss Floricienta's paradiso - scarf is by her as well. 

Tada - bipolar yours truly.
The playful feminine self, the ladylike and the gangsta (paradise).
We all have a few personalities anyway yes?
Or have I been too influenced by SPLIT? (aka one of the best films I have watched in the past few months). 

T-shirt, skirt and handbag by Gucci, all via Flannels
Sunglasses by Gucci (Vintage)
Scarf by
Floricienta Iuvenalis
Earrings by Voodoo Jewels


A. x

* Special thanks to Bottega Amaro and Floricienta Iuvenalis for providing us with the location spaces.