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This has started way too early dis year; with a caption that said 'I kinda miss Winter' on August 10th. Need I say more?

The whole thing is polarising.

On the one hand, I love the life in no clothes! And that beach/hendricks/food/sleep - repeat routine is too good. The cut-offs and off-shoulder dresses / flat slingback combos aren't bad either. But when you are located on an island and you live in high Summer since May, then August is just the right time to start feeling Fall-sick.
And oh how I miss to dress up (translation: layering, textures, sweaters, furs, jackets et cetera).

I have already messed up my Summer feed with a few outfits but sorry not sorry, my fashion brain tells me it's time!

Anyhow, I am currently on the hunt for my new season's favourites.. and thankfully, someone (otherwise known as MaxiMa) shared my vibes!
 MaxiMa carries MaxMara, Sportmax, Marella, Marina Rinaldi and Max&Co and together, we have decided to curate a few looks for this Fall. 
Meet the first drop and look number one - the suit.

hello fall.002.jpg

Wearing: Suit and sneakers by MAXMARA, both via MaxiMa

Over time, you get to learn what brands make a flattering pair of leather pants, who to go for the perfect slip dress, whose shirting has the right sleeve volume and who makes a suit that feels like a second skin. Pour moi, the latter has one name; and it is MAXMARA
Never have I met a suit I didn't like and trust me I've worn too many over the years. 
MM never disappoints me >> case in point!

With time, you also get to identify what pieces you should invest your hard-earned cash from those late nights at the office. Although, in general, the answer for me is shoes, ladies - always shoes - there are some classic pieces that just have the perfect quality slash price correlation that I always give my yes vote, i.e. a well tailored suit!
In all my styling/consulting experience with a big spectrum of brands, I can put my hand in fire for the MAXMARA suit. The fabrics, the fit, the design. Just YES!

And although I am one to usually pair my suit with trainers I am also a very well known 'moody' dresser so I could easily replace them sneaks with a pair of sexifiers (aka black pumps), 2-inch sling-backs, or even a pair of pointy spandex.
So many different outfits with one piece, always depending on the vibes. And that's exactly the reason, it is indeed a perfect investment. 

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Look number two >> the printed sweater/ cropped pants / furry slippers outift. Comfortable as ever and pretty much transitional. 
Come on, gimme me some credit here, you can still see some bare legs!

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Wearing: Sweater and cropped trousers by SPORTMAX / Furry Slides by MAXMARA
All via MaxiMa

Speaking of sweaters - this season (exactly like the last) we will be talking out loud. Logos, slogans, prints. Me likey!









BTW, I am beyond happy to get my hands on this one. Blogger-approved it was one of street style stoppers last season. 

Much more to come with MaxiMa as their new collection lands and I am falling more and more in love.
Stay tuned! 

A. x