Andriasdose in Givenchy from Luisa World Greece
Andriasdose and The Gentleman Blogger for Luisa World
Andriasdose in Givenchy | Luisa World Greece.png
Giuzeppe Zanotti gold mules

Ph. by Spyros Droussiotis
 Andriasdose: Studded leather vest + leather shorts by Givenchy | Mules by Giuseppe Zanotti 
Matthew Zorpas: Everything by Saint Laurent
All via Luisa World

Master of the leather masters Monsieur Tisci  and an ultra luxe par excellence; this beauty does studding right! Extraordinary level of Parisian workmanship, one of his sexiest collections so far and the essentials for the full gamut of goth (that punk-rock stud trademark was definitely in need of a fashion resurrection). Boyish, boxy and structured, yet oozing that femme fatale femininity kind - and I feel good, ta ra ra ra ra! Tisci gave out the vintage pinball game - flipper - as his inspiration for this one - I''ll go with Game of Thrones, Archaic warriors and the Greek 300s. Now, don't ask me how I decided to match dis with a Cinderella moment - I never neglected my bipolar (fashion) tendencies anyway. I guess that pleading guilty it is.
Saving the best for last (with the same enjoyment kids hide their strawberry lollipops), lets talk about the gentleman photo-bombed next to me. I am sure you've seen him around before, but for the new kids on the block, this is The Gentleman Blogger aka Matthew Zorpas (dearest friend and an exceptional creative) leather clad, head to toe in Saint Laurent. Colour co-ordinated to match our OCDs for perfectionism, we do make a pretty good photo-match, DYT?
A. x