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It's no brainer that what the Kelly bag is to Hermès and the loafer is to Gucci, the coat is to MaxMara. The first camel coat was designed in-house in 1981, and still thirty five years later, the brand still holds the league on everything overcoat, with the classic camel being the most copied item in fashion history. 
Immovable heritage meets powerful re-invention and I am now hitting buttons that form words like puffer jackets, shearling lapels, buttery leather and rehabilitated hooded coats.

The other day, I read an article with Mr. Maramotti, MM chairman stating: “The history of the coat is about the development of the position of women in society''. “It came in when women started to live differently. In the history of men’s fashion the coat is related to war, but for women it became a portable home and the ultimate protection.”
Coats for girlbosses. Fascinating innit?


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Drop-proof satin jacket on top of velvet and silk? Yes please. This is when miss DOSE feels powerful and creative. She couldn't sleep until 4 am the night before. because of some unstoppable insomniac brainstorming but had to wake up at 9 and hit the road for an important meeting. Can-do, will-do mood. Blame red and fuchsia for that. White for the balance and a black puffer for ultra luxe par excellence and the art of high lows.
Yep, meetings. Why the hell not.

wearing: fuchsia blouse SPORTMAX, red velvet trousers MAXMARA, satin padded coat S MAXMARA, fur stole from the coat, see more in THE CUBE // all via Maxima Boutiques

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I am in love, I am in love, I am in love, I am in love, I am in love
I am in love, I am in love, I am in love, I am in love, I am in love
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I am in love, I am in love, I am in love, I am in love, I am in love
I AM IN LOVE - clear enough?

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After Liu Wen and her A/W17 strut in Milano, Miss Dose slips in denim and a hoodie and lets the alpaca monster rule her styling game. This is when her creative juices flow the most. It's around 7am, ready to start her day. Her morning is quite easy so she grabs her Mac and moleskin and heads to her favourite coffeeshop. A freshly brewed black coffee, Beth Hart tunes and the latest issue of Vogue with her, in case she needs a hand with inspiration. It could be a Monday, Tuesday or any other day for that matter. Consider this a ritual.
Double breasted, check. Colour palette, check. Warmth levels above average, check. 

wearing: Alpaca and wool coat MAXMARA, kitten heels SPORTMAX // all via Maxima Boutiques

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Friday night. She doesn't really go out that often but tonight she will.
She thought she'd dress 'for any occasion', as her friends always try to convince her to go clubbing with them after dinner. Silk black dress, a pair of heels, a warm coat and off she goes. Hendricks tonic and the usual sex and the city orientated chat commences.
'This city isn't single friendly'. 
[ Now that I think about it, perhaps there should be a column on that? Discuss.]
Anyhow - iPhone reads 1am.. too late for her usual bedtime habits. After a couple of drinks, she says goodnight, takes her car and heads home. Although she arrives, she decides to drive around for a few more minutes; it's her favourite song.. and she always needs to hear it. 
Hits 3 on the elevator and gets in. Calls it a night. 

wearing: coat MAXMARA / via Maxima Boutiques

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It's Sunday. Buuuruuunch. And magazines. She usually likes to dress in a way that she will feel comfortable yet again she always looks for that lil' something extra. She used to think that S is the most boring day of the week but as she gets older, she likes to argue that your Monday is only gonna be as good as your Sunday - so it better be a good one.
Brunch and priceless time with friends and family in the morning, netflix n' chill in the evening. 
Who can relate?


wearing:  white trousers and kitten heels all by SPORTMAX , hooded coat by S MAXMARA // all via Maxima Boutiques

photography by Elias Tiggis
A. x