Photography by Shotbygio
Location: Palais de Tokyo, Paris

Featuring: Style Code Shopper Bag | Cyclos red watch | Sparkle Ball ring | Knots ring | Cross earrings // Fashionably Silver collection

Hey hey!
If we are Instapals, you should already know most of the things I am about to address, but if not please bare with me...I will try to explain what happened to the brunette you used to know.. who's that strutting in the Parisian streets, what for, when et al. 

Let me start from the new me part. Not much to say other than it was one of those days..!
I needed to do something, pronto.
It was either gonna be the balance of Visa or the guys looking after my hair (you can also call them psychotherapists, whatever works) .
Emptying my Visa was not really a choice that day (used that excuse the previous week) so hair had to pay the dues. Aaaand blonde it is. It took me some time to process but me likey.
Thoughts? Hit me up. Honest and constructive feedback pretty please.

Second subject matter! Paree, l'amour de ma vie.
Dat season of the year.. Paris Fashion Week; and I visited the French capital for my blogger's duties.
 Shows, presentations, streetstyle struts et al, coming your way very soon. (I still have a lot of unpublished material so be in the know). 

For now, let me talk to you about my little Parisian get-together with Folli Follie.
We all know I love my bling. And I love a lot of it. So when the brand got in touch in order to introduce their new lines suggesting this shoot (so you guys can find out more about it), I was like hell yes! Classy and chic, but with a twist. Bingo, my soft spot. 

The convo went like this:

- Hey miss Dose. We wanted to see if you'd like to join us in a shoot with three other lovely ladies (Nat, Patricia & Chrissiana) to showcase some pieces from our new collection.
- Sure guys, I'd love to. Who's the photographer?
(Thinks.. tick - one of her favourites). 

- And location?
- Meet you at Palais de Tokyo?
- Sure
(Thinks.. okay this will be a good one. One of the most beautiful places this city has to offer) .

- And what about the pieces?
- The collection is called Fashionably Silver, you can pick what you like.
- Awesome
(Leaves 3 hours blanc on her Moleskin as she knows this 'pick what you like' thing will be pretty damn hard.)

Fall for them already? FYI the only answer is yes! Otherwise I am filing a divorce.
We should know each other better. 

Let me know.