Photography by Harris Kyprianou
Illustrations by me

Wearing: Track Suit - H&M Trend | Lurex top - Zara | Vest - Gucci Vintage | Shoes - H&M | Sunglasses - Custom Made by Nakis Theocharides Opticals

I used to have a few 'rules' when it came to my dressing tendencies:
a) Nowhere close to glitter and shiny metallics unless I had to choose between that or naked.
b) If totally necessary, it had to be a downplay (a piece of jewellery or a bag).
c) If wearing glitz and glam could not be avoided, capital-N never opt for more than one piece. 
All in past tense.  
Let's talk about this whole new now. First thing's first we have the man responsible; blame it all on Mr. Lallo. All of a sudden I feel madly in love. The more the merrier, viva la maximalism.. and I just can’t get enough of little (or big) shiny things. This calls for bubbles. Pop the champagne!

Tracksuit, check.
Metallic top, check.
Sequined vest, check.
Glitter shoes, check.
Clear bright orange 70s shades, check (no, this is not a Wes Anderson film. yes, this is still, 2016).
No rules. Just walking outside the lines and loving it!
Who's with me?

A. x