Photos via Louis Gabriel

NATARGEORGIOU - close friends for longer than eternity but also collaborators of mine; I am sure you've seen me in their designs oh-so many times if you've been around for a while - here or here might ring a bell? hmm... or here? (someone stop me, I could go on forever). 
I have seen their steps from the very first collection until today. No one can doubt their extraordinary talent (and I won't take no for an answer - not if we are reading the same bible), the trademark that follows all their designs and the wow effect in every single piece they create, but the one thing I love the most, is how they constantly re-invent themselves by creating newness without losing their identity. I guess that's called a gift? And personality?
From being listed as emerging designers to watch by Vogue Italia, selected by Vogue Talents, to being one of Franca Sozzani's faves and showing in Paris Fashion Week, these two never seize to amaze me. #Allthewayup
OH.. and bombs, fires and high voltage emojis as they have also being chosen by Yoox + Vogue Italia to be a part of 'The Next Talents' initiative where amongst a few other designers, they are called to design a special collection to be available at in 2017. 
The pieces will be showcased at a dinner this coming February hosted by the Net-A-Porter group / Yoox and - all capitals - ANNA (yes, Wintour). #OhmyEffingGod #Proud

Anyhow, let's talk about why we are really here - the duo had a fashion show the other day in my hometown Cyprus. Taking cues from their Autumn / Winter 2016 concept, they created 40 special pieces to walk for 400 guests. All velvet everything, glitter, sequins, shiny do-s and their newest thing, logos. Styling wise, they hit my soft spot, mixing it all up, elevating all designs with socks n' tights- another boy to give some kudos to. 

 If I die bury me in this please. Any of the 40 would do though.

The place - a 1700sq. metres industrial space, built up from scratch from the NG team and split in two with the one side featuring the genius mirrored wall vs catwalk and the other half specially designed by my other two faves - Tamara and Nicolas at RSVP events (if you are thinking events, these are your guys) hosting the after party. Aesthetics to die for; everything blended perfectly to an ambience that reflected the NATARGEORGIOU style - lush and luxurious while being modern, young and super fresh. 
In love already? 
Disclaimer: this is (obviously) not sponsored, I am only genuinely obsessed. 
A. x