Okay, okay!
Demna for Balenciaga and his Fall 2017 collection was just beyond.. you've probably seen it up on V already, but if for a reason, you've been living under a rock and found a way to miss it, here you go!
Besides the brilliant spandex stocking-boots that continued space from last season, the pretty frocks with Demna's spectacular take, new voluminous structures and some too cool for school styling, Demna nailed it for the house of Christobal Balenciaga.
But let's talk why we are really here about. Kendall, girl, this was almost a (fashion) death shot.. I mean.. arghhs.. oommms, grrrs can't even cover it - #andriasdosewants or #andriasdoseneedsfsomereshair is be more appropriate ( and don't even get me started on Kendall's earrings). Sci-fi fashion geeks get ready to squeal until these shades hit stores next season. I don't know about you, but I am already on the queue. I was a Matrix fan anyway, Keanu was too hot to trot!
P.S. Don't say I didn't tell you, Balenciaga or no Balenciaga, small shades are the coolest thing right now and next season they will be everywhere. 
I am sensing this will be a love or hate thing but your thumb is up and If Fall seems like an eternity you might want to check these out and be ahead of the game - j'adore.