I visited the City of lights for a few days for Paris Fashion Week (smile and light flashes all over her face). 
And I think I'll start this one with a declaration. If we are e-dating and you haven't left me after this Parisian 'spammin', there is some serious love in the air. I love you too, just so you know!
Arghh, I must have about 2476383 photos in the iPhone bank from this trip (that's the win pour moi). Most of them I have already posted - daily workout, check.
Oh come on what’s so wrong with keeping your fingers vigorously fit (hashtag, Instagram addict).  Life’s too short.
 Proof be found - Parisian binge posing (eating, drinking and attending shows).
But what I enjoyed the most was just... walking around. Alone, just my headphones in to drown out of the crowds, a cuppa of Americano from a local Frenchie barista in hand and here I go! (yeah, PFW is damn busy, and truth be told, I am not known for my time management skills, but this time I did it!)
Freaking freezing but oh so very beautiful. Batteries refilled, check!
Well okay,  I may or may not have done some shopping too. More on that later.
Below, some favourite shots - won't elaborate much in chit chat.. just a few words on Natargeorgiou. If we've known eachother for a while, you may have already established that I love and support Natargeorgiou all the way.
This season they have shown their AW16 collection in PFW at Hotel Le Meurice, one of the most beautiful and outstanding places in the city. 
Ultra luxe par excellence pour my Cypriote lovers!
''You might be showing next to the Louvre, but this week you are the Louvre du Paris' - one of Vogue's attendees comment - not bad of a feedback right? Natargeorgiou you kick a**. 
Enjoy.. x

First stop at one of the favourites, Café Charlot. The best street style struts, gorgeous vibrant Marais and the finger-licking chicken risotto. If you ever around, you NEED to go for it. Trust me, it’s worth every ounce of guilt, because, as we’ve established, life’s too short.

Soaking up some sunshine with Mr. His Love of Fashion. Wearing Dior sunglasses via Nakis Theocharides

When you go matchy matchy with your surroundings..

The calm before the storm.. A very early shot of another fave while walking to get some coffee.. Café Ruc it is (great for a burger - your Jamie Oliver says)

Running to Stella McCartney show (that was incredible btw) in colour! Wearing Natargeorgiou yet again. 

Selfies always look better in Paris.. view from my apartment (I know, #luckygirl). Dior head turners via Nakis Theocharides.

Shame on me.. I am putting glitter in my wardrobe! But these..with a pair of socks.. couldn't keep myself. Thoughts? (Shoes by Topshop, Sweater by Natargeorgiou)

'Bonjour Madame..we'd love to know what you are wearing'.. - Sure

When in Paris.. you do it à la française. Total black (in lace, embellished Natargeorgiou skirt and some compliment bait aka fishnet tights) for dinner at Hôtel Costes.

Paris without Pierre Hermé is not Paris. #ForgivemeLordforIhavesinned

In love - jewellery by ESHVI

Roaming it in casual pink.. wearing everything by H&M trend.

The most worthy regram I have ever made.. And never have I been so tempted to sell all my belongings in order to buy a single piece. Shoes by Louis Vuitton / Nicolas Ghesquire, photo courtesy of Miss Song of Style. Meet the Sun Catcher Derby here.

Between light and shade.. full post on this one coming your way pretty soon. 

After the  n a t a r g e o r g i o u presentation at Le Meurice with this gang. Joanna Moyseos, Marina Lyritzi and one of the masterminds that consist the NG duo - Andreas Georgiou. 

Hello, I live here! (well, one can dream.. and quote movies) Dress by n a t a r g e o r g i o u AW16 and shoes by Topshop. 


A. x