ph. via Dana Hourani

ph. via Dana Hourani


I don't remember a case of views and opinions so divided since the Demna x Vetements boom boom pow situation. A lov'em or hate them kind of thing and I am on the first bunch! It's so bad that it's so good. There is something so charming I can't resist. 
While I, myself can admit the clunky soles are not the most flattering, they feel too cool for school. Perhaps they give me flashes of nostalgia for the chunky sneakers of my beloved 90s.

But besides a love for the youth and its memories, these sneaks are part of another great shift across the industry. Over the past few seasons, we've seen fashion move away from the - almost epidemic - minimalism and go into two distinct directions: an ultra-feminism era with dresses made of silk, sequins and everything glam (blame Attico for that and I am also in! #fashionbipolarism) , and a playful mood that seems to be constantly reminding us to not take the fashion game too seriously (at first the Vetements effect, now the tiny glasses mania et al). 

For me, it's one word - ahh.. three in fact. Mix and Match and marry the two. Always.

Acne Studios, Stella McCartney, and Balenciaga are my current favourites (but I can't decide - HELP!) although THIS was the one that stole my fashion heart at first sight - LV I love you. While opinions were divided and the industry did not give them all the love at first, the trend is here to stay as we are getting ready for round two with LV's sci-fi and even Gucci who jumped on the bandwagon... oh yes! Ah.. and let us not forget the good ol' Zara who ripped it off all well and nice. 

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