It took me some time to process and finally sit down and write this article but I am now ready to confess!
2-inch craze and I plead guilty - OBSESSED - well it’s kind of hard not to be with the pairs that are currently around.

Over the past few years I’ve kinda given up on heels for my everyday get-up and go. I used to trot the streets in my sky-high pumps on a 7am - 7am and I could not be defeated by anything; in fact I’d roll my eyes at women who changed from trainers into boring mid-heels in the cab or lift.

But things change darling! Over the years, I slowly found myself feeling turned off by them and flat-shoe options suddenly started to look amazingly appealing. Loafers, trainers, slippers et al, won my fashion heart (and wallet). And now I am all about the 2-inch do. Don't take me wrong, I am still sold on occasion by some fancy sky rockets and do rule them when appropriate but all I can say is that they definitely don't sit on my cupboard's front row.


Mid heels made their first appearance last S/S and they are still going strong. First, it was all about Chanel’s block heel slingback, which Karl revamped for the first time since Gabrielle’s era at the brand, then the Celine ballerina pump (aka glove shoe), Valentino’s Rockstuds, then the Mary Janes and now it is all about J'Adior!

You'll find me drooling over everything from GUCCI, Lallo and his shoes are from another planet and my latest brand crush - THE ATTICO.
Ah.. and I am all about the mule - 2 trends in one (more on that soon)!
Gimme Gimmeeeee!


S H O P  M Y  F A V O U R I T E S 

Any wowsers I should know about?
A. x